People with low self-esteem tend to piss me off sometimes.


The more I get to know you, the more I’ll joke about you, that’s how I show you I’m comfortable with you. 


I enjoy having a routine, when something happens out of it that I didn’t planned I get the feeling that I’m out of control of my own life, and this feeling kills me.


When I’m sad brushing my teeths makes me feel better 


I fucking hate talking on the phone


I don’t believe that parents will love their children no matter what and that children will love their parents no matter what


when I write a story I like putting little details on because it helps me to imagine the scene


I can tell if you’re lying or not, most of the time.


I feel that, it doesn’t matter the age that i’ll find myself in, i’ll always like playing video game


I can easily cut someone out of my life and not give a shit about it, even if the person means a lot to me. Hurt me, and you’re dead to me.


When it comes to government and cops my feelings are divided, because without the government all we have is chaos, but with the government all we have is dishonesty and corruption. And without cops the violence rate woud just rise as fuck, but with the cops we also have dishonesty and corruption.

of course I’m looking at it as a whole, of course there are honest politicians and honest cops, but unfortunately they are a small part.


I like animals more than humans.


I never swear near adults. idk why, I just can’t, doing it gives me a bad feeling.


I’m so lazy, so lazy, SO LAZY, SO LAZY that I…


If I say “I love you” all the time is because deep down, I don’t. If I really love a person I won’t say it, you’ll know it if I do.

"Actions speak louder than words"