i am sobbing

I think about this video every day I’m not exaggerating literally every day

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"she’s just playing hard to get" 

have u ever considered that maybe she just isnt interested ???¿¿¿

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This can’t be love,
God this can’t be it.
She calls me every night
With passion in her voice but
It’s not for me.
It has never been for me.

It is for a boy
who has failed to notice
How much she loves the stars.

It is for a boy who doesn’t know that
When it rains she won’t get out
Of bed until the clouds part.

But loving someone who’s feelings
Are not mutual requires you
To be only a friend.
She calls me with love in her heart.
But it has never been for me.
It will never be for me

- On loving your best friend (via till-forever-finds-me)

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